Executive Perspectives on HIT’s Role in Healthcare Reform

In case you missed the 2014 DFW HIMSS Education Event on “HIT’s Role in Healthcare Reform”, see a quick recap below of the Panelists, the top questions asked of them, and how those questions were answered.


*Click here to see video!  (Video may take a few minutes to display.)

The Panelists:

What are the top challenges when aligning Physicians with Informatics leaders in your organization?

  • Getting management to understand Informatics and their partnership with Physicians is important and needs to be funded.
  • You have to educate Physicians – things are not as simple to make happen as the Doctor thinks.
  • For all the Physicians that aren’t involved, you have to get them to understand what you are doing so they don’t get frustrated.
  • Create criteria when considering who to ask for participation. Get a Physician that is respected, not yet retired, and match their skill set to your culture. Make sure it is also a Physician who knows what it takes to make things happen.

What are the challenges of integrating non-acute services with an integrated system of acute care?

  • We need a complete history of care with all the information up front.
  • We need to create standards and integrate as much as possible!
  • Different technologies handle data differently, and different people handle data differently.

How have you overcome challenges to support EHR changes including meaningful use and best practices?

  • Develop data capture as a byproduct of workflow, not a separate task.
  • Do not let technology, vendors, or government drive the workflow instead of you when possible.
  • Engage, engage, engage.
  • Own your decisions, and be willing to say “no”.
  • Make your decisions evidence-based.
  • Encourage clinicians as “this is the right thing to do for patient care” rather than “this is required by law”.
  • Hold hospitals accountable as a whole, not just the IT department.

While implementing technologies and making them evidence-based, what keeps you up at night?

  • How do we get clinicians to adopt and find the value? Even when we prove value with evidence, there is still resistance. User groups help because early adopting clinicians can positively influence other clinicians.
  • Do we have the right leadership?
  • Are we thinking long-term?

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