A Nurse’s Lifeline…


When trying to perform well on the job, it is necessary to have the proper tools and resources.  Could you imagine being a lawyer without a book of law?  A teacher without a whiteboard?  An actor without a script?

How about performing as a nurse in a hospital without a nurse call system?  From a leader’s perspective, imagine being a CNO without a way to track patient care administered by your staff.  Imagine trying to cut down on the number of nurses needed per shift in your hospital and realizing that nurses are being used to answer patient calls where a tech’s help would more than suffice.

These areas of concern can all be solved by using a tool that is having a huge impact on improving patient care.  Better patient care produces higher patient satisfaction.  Higher patient satisfaction results in more funding from the government for the hospital at stake.

Nurse call systems improve HCAHP scores by bridging the gap between patients and their nurse.  They also create Meaningful Use by communicating the right message to the right person when a call is made.  For instance, leading nurse call systems have the ability to relay the message that a patient is in pain directly to their nurse, but relay the message that a patient needs water to a tech, therefore allowing a nurse to answer the call when needed but carry on with more critical tasks when a less critical call from a patient is made.

Patient satisfaction has always been rewarding, but it is now tied to financial rewards for hospitals more than ever before.

The article below elaborates more on Nurse Call Systems as a cutting edge solution for improving the patient experience while increasing efficiency in workflow for nurses.

Nurse Call Systems – A Nurse’s Partner in Care

nurse call system


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